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Con & Verdonck Den Haag

The New Style of an Old-Established Name

Behind the elegant old facade
at Hoogstraat 30, Den Haag - the discreet continuation of Noordeinde,
close to the Royal Palace - the
Con & Verdonck Galleries are
undergoing complete refurbishment.
A restructuring of all available
space is accompanied by the latest
lighting technology to provide the
visitor with an immersive viewing
experience in which the objects of
true passion - the carpets and
weavings - establish an ever-
changing atmosphere, while also
allowing the most stringent
examination of their individual

hoogstraat den haag with con & verdonck gallery

inside view of new con & verdonck gallery den haag

In this environment, the old divisions of taste and usage are discarded, replaced by a single commitment to excellence and purity.

staircase inside new con & verdonck gallery denhaag

That the finest and most beautiful Eastern carpets are the Art of the Floor is a fundamental theme of the Gallery's design. This approach, and the range of hand-knotted objects it encompasses, are illustrated on the next page of this brief tour of Con & Verdonck Den Haag.

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The centralisation of the Con & Verdonck operation in the Den Haag flagship premises has meant a concentration of the wide range of interest-categories traditionally covered by the company within a single location. Such blending of the conventionally separated tastes and requirements of the decorative, collector and art connoisseur sectors has required an innovative mix of display approaches designed to bring out the exciting and unexpected possibilities presented by the new, non-categoric inventory criteria.

statue inside new con & verdonck gallery den haag

While the vast quantity of stock required by the newly centralised status of the Den Haag store provides a unique breadth of choice, every item is easily accessible, and numerous floor areas are provided to allow potential acquisitions to be appreciated under optimum viewing conditions.

abstract forms in new con & verdonck den haag gallery


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Den Haag Gallery

An Agenda of Excellence - The Re-engineering of Con & Verdonck Den Haag


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