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Looking through the Den haag Galleries
- a magnificent silk 'Rockerfeller' carpet in the foreground

Celebrating the Art of the Floor

One this page, we feature a random group of fine handmade Oriental carpets that illustrate the range and calibre of the Den Haag Gallery's newly refocussed stock policy.

As you can see, our concept of excellence is not confined to simply the rare, the old and the expensive - each item is considered on its individual merits and is selected for inclusion in the stock if it is felt by our special panel to be an outstanding specimen of its type and genre.


Fine Old Sarouk Feraghan Carpet

Fine Old Feraghan Sarouk Carpet

Decorative Agra Blossom Carpet

Highly Decorative Agra Blossom carpet



By applying the same standards of excellence to every item we carry in our inventory, we hope we have compiled a stock of consistent distinction, in which every example represents a work of definitive craftsmanship and artistic merit for its particular type.

We should stress that the items illustrated are a very small cross section of the stock we offer. These particular items are of course subject to availability, but even if they have been sold when you contact us, you may rely upon finding a large number of examples of comparable calibre, origin and decorative character always on hand to choose from, of equal excellence and unique individuality.

Exceptionally Fine Old Isfahan Carpet
Superb Very Fine Old Isfahan

Highly decorative Needlepoint

Highly Decorative Needlepoint

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