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Con & Verdonck B.V

Hoogstraat 30
2513 AS 's-Gravenhage

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van 10.00 -17.30 uur.

Maandag geopend van 13.00-17.30 uur.

Veramin Carpet

Persian Veramin Carpet



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Classic Agra Carpet

Classic Agra Carpet


Special Decorator Services

As a major element in our re-engineered strategy, we are offering a wide range of specialised services to professional private decorators, architects and intterior designers.

As well as stocking a substantial quantity of the finest and most sought-after international decorative categories such as Zieglers, Agras, Ushaks and the superb vegetable dyed Khyber Pass Gandhara & Ersari Kazak examples, we have also assembled an important stock of very large, over-sized and palace sized examples, in all the most favoured pastel and light/pale colour lines, including a number of rare, extremely desirable old and antique originals, ideal for the top level American as well as main European markets.

Additionally, we provide individually-tailored colour and total environment consultancy services, including specialist feng-shui advisory services, and other related Eastern colour and material personal environmental chi-related expertise and portfolio assemblage analysis and product supply services.

Professional decorators and interior designers wishing to address the Art of the Floor in a unique and compelling manner are invited to arrange a personal consultancy appointment.


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