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Con & Verdonck Den Haag

A New Agenda of Excellence

Con & Verdonck Strategy focusses on turning Den Haag's best known Oriental carpet gallery into Holland's core resource for Oriental carpet excellence and knowledge

den haag con & verdonck exterior

The need to re-engineer a new consumer-led relevance in the drastically altered Dutch Oriental carpet market of today has been the prime objective behind the complete restructuring of Con & Verdonck b.v. that has been implemented in recent years.

con & verdonck den haag store window
New window & new logo at Con & Verdonck Den Haag

A completely upgraded inventory policy, greatly enhanced Customer Services and a renewed commitment to an old-established tradition of excellence makes Con & Verdonck's famous gallery at Hoogstraat 30, Den Haag the first choice for the finest Connoisseur, Collectable and Decorative Handmade Eastern carpets in The Netherlands....

staircase in new con & verdonck gallery den haag

new gallery interior con & verdonck den haag

The magnificent new gallery space at Con & Verdonck Den Haag

The expansive days of the store-chain concept so brilliantly realised by the founders of the company Mr J.M. Con and Mr Verdonck grew increasingly untenable towards the close of the last century. A totally new approach to maintaining the fundamental aims of Con & Verdonck - to increase public awareness of handmade oriental carpets by making the finest examples of the craft as widely affordable and accessable as possible - was required by both prevailing market conditions and changing consumer expectations.

main gallery con & verdonck den haag

Beautiful examples presented in ideal conditions at the new Con & Verdonck gallery experience at the Den Haag store


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