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Con & Verdonck Special Collections

The Creative Presentation of Excellence

Redefining the Meaning of True Value


Con & Verdonck Special Collections is the high profile, public interface division of the Con & Verdonck Group dedicated to evangelising the achievements and significance of Eastern carpet knotting art through a dynamic programme of Excellence events arranged throughout The Netherlands in partnership with the country's most influential interiors consultants, decor centres and environmental art and design firms.

The precocious sibling of the renowned Special Project Group that was first established by co-founder Mr J.M. Con, Con & Verdonck Special Collections is driven by its mission to create true understanding of the depth and richness of authentic Eastern carpet art through combining the benefits of Con & Verdonck's accumulated legacy of high level expert knowledge with the most recent advances in presentational style and consumer awareness enhancement.

From this unique mix of ground-breaking investigative research and compelling event management, Con & Verdonck Special Collections are reaching out to Holland's top private connoisseurs and art lovers with the new language of emotional and intellectual integrity that is encapsulated in their exhibition collections. The impact of their philosophy may be measured in the paradigm shift from product purchase to the acquisition of excellence that increasingly defines the key value judgement in any serious response to Eastern carpet artistry.


Haren Exhibition 'Songs of the Loom'

Ede Exhibition



Exhibition with Warnars - Den Haag

Exhibition with Warnars - Ede



Exhibition with Spinde - Zwolle


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Zwolle - Con & Verdonck Special Collections Exhibition

Zwolle Exhibition

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Ede Exhibition Con & Verdonck Special Collections

With Buningh Interieurs in Ede



Haren Exhibition Con & Verdonck Special Collections

Haren Exhibition


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::. Songs of the Loom



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