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Con & Verdonck complete restoration of the Tuschinski Carpet for Pathé International

As a major element in the huge task of returning Amsterdam's world-famous Tuschinski Theatre to its original Art Deco glory, the theatre's owners Pathé International commissioned The Netherlands' best known Oriental carpet company, Con & Verdonck b.v. of Den Haag, to restore to original condition the enormous but severely damaged carpet that had embellished the cinema-theatre's foyer during the period 1980s.


The Tuschinski Carpet in the Restoration Studio


Following several months intensive work by a selected team of master restorers, Con & Verdonck delivered the unusual and striking carpet back to the Tuschinski Theatre in Reguliersbreestraat, fully cleaned and completely returned to its original state, on schedule and in time for its inclusion in the official opening of the superbly renovated Amsterdam landmark.


Collecting the carpet from the Tuschinski Theatre



Collection from the Tuschinski Theatre


The restored carpet was originally made to order in Morocco, in a design based upon the original Daventer carpet that had been commissioned by the Tuschinski Theatre's founder, Abraham Tuschinski, when he built the theatre in 1921. Although highly abstract, the carpet's design is based upon a huge repeating Eagle motif, said to have also been included in the composition of the original Tuschinski Carpet as a reference to the flag of Abraham Tuschinski's native Poland.


Arrival of the Tuschinski Carpet at the Con & Verdonck restoration studios



Delivery of the carpet to the restoration studios


In addition to the restoration commission, Con & Verdonck have been requested to research the possibilities of producing a totally accurate recreation of the original Tuschinski Carpet. Preliminary research suggests this Daventer work was very different in both colour and texture to the item that Con & Verdonck have just returned to the Tuschinski, and which may now be viewed in place in the foyer of the superbly renovated historical building.

Con & Verdonck b.v. were founded in 1933 by the banker J.M. Con and Oriental carpet merchant Isidore Verdonck, and quickly rose to become the best known and most successful Oriental carpet company in The Netherlands. Today, Con & Verdonck operate a centralised hub operation from their famous premises at Hoogstraat 30, Den Haag, close to the Royal Palace. The conservation and cleaning division responsible for the restoration of the Tuschinski Theatre Carpet is one of the several newly-streamlined services the company offers decorators and other interiors specialists, as well as their regular private clients.

Con & Verdonck b.v. Den Haag April 2002


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